Production Wrapped in Frankfurt on A Perfect Enemy

Barry Films wrapped the shoot in Frankfurt on the last portion of this coproduction with Sabado Peliculas and The Project, directed by Kike Maillo, based on the thriller by bestselling author Amelie Nothomb. 

The crime movie follows a successful architect, Jeremy Angust (Kot, pictured), who is approached by a chatty woman named Texel Textor (Athena Strates) at a Paris airport. Jeremy misses his flight because of Texel, who seems like an outcast desperate for attention. Although the meeting seems fortuitous, the nature of this encounter soon turns into something much more sinister and criminal. Kot is represented by UTA Independent Film Group, while Strates is repped by Baumbauer Actors.

Speaking about the film’s many plot twists, Maíllo said he was “fascinated by the idea of playing a game with the audience and having them become active detectives trying to find a resolution to the plot, before we respond to all the questions.”